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USPSA & IPSC Scorecard
The USPSA & IPSC Scorecard

If you’re shoot competitively in United States Practical Shooters Association (USPSA) or International Practical Shooters Confederation (IPSC), can help you track practice and competitions scores, as well as providing you shooting statistics based on the data you entered. If you ran the same stage more than once a year and wanted to track your improvement on a particular course of fire, has created a number of reports to help IDPA shooters make sense of their statistics as well as finding averages for splits, shooting speed, and much more. This log is available to PREMIUM members. 

The Details

  • Track Division, Classification, location, event date, and name of the event.
  • Enter your Points Down, Raw Time, Procedurals, FTN, FTDR and hits on non threat targets.
  • Find out how fast you shot and where you placed at each stage as well as the overall event.
  • The Drill library can be used to track specific USPSA/IPSC Stages you ran in competition and gives you the ability to compare scores with approved buddies and other members.
  • Stage & String level details including target types, times for transitions, splits, reload and much more.
  • Factors like the shot type being made, reload type being performed or draw method being used, can be tracked and included in your reporting.
USPSA / IPSC Scorecard

Free & Premium memberships are available. If you are currently serving in any branch of the United States Armed Forces and have a valid .MIL email address, register for free access to the system for the life of the product. It’s our way of saying “Thank You“ to those who proudly serve our country and provide us the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

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