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Member Services
RANGELOG's Member Services

Save your organization time and money

2013 Member Services RANGELOG’s Member Services is used by tens of thousands of competitors to track their membership, affiliated club details, match scores and sports classifications online.

How can we help your members? 

Member Login All members will see your association’s logo, chapters, matches and sport’s rules when they login to manage their account, with access to post a competitor biography, update personal contact details, and renew membership options.

Individual Club Pages Clubs can maintain their own match calendar, submit events and stages for sanctioning, as well as post club details online, like contact information, hours of operation and more.

Find Clubs
Members can search your custom directory of affiliated chapters, clubs and ranges, with links to individual area calendars, leaderboards and match scores.

Maintain Classifications
Members scores, division details and classification updates can be tracked, managed, and posted online automatically.

Match Calendar
Your members can find matches based on your custom match types, location, date and more, with automated email notices when scores are posted as final.

Search and View Stages
Your competitors can search for and view sanctioned stages, course of fire, drills and qualifications in your online library.

Team Pages
COMING SOON: Competitors and coaches can add custom team information, add team logos, display sponsor details, maintain competitor biographies, show active, reserve and injured player rosters, and more.

Admin Reports
Staff and administrators can view and edit member and club data, and report on members, clubs, classifications, matches and more.

Email us at to find out more about how we can help your sport, league, association or club.