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Jeff Spencer

  • Experience: 39 years shooting
  • Current Location: Georgia, UNITED STATES
  • Sports: IDPA*, IPSC/USPSA
  • Competition Firearms: Glock / 34

I am an Officer with a Federal Agency, firearms instructor and NRA certified firearms instructor. I shot my 1st competition in 1988 at Ft. Stewart Ga. I competed occasionally with in my agency several times and then became interested in IDPA shooting several years ago. I was very impressed at the way I was treated when I showed up to my first match. To a person, I was treated with great respect and dignity and I was hooked ever since. I branched out in to USPSA shooting with the same results. I have always been impressed with shooters as a whole, they represent the cream of the crop of humanity, I always know that respect is the norm, not the exception.

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    possibly my greatest shooting accomplishment is training people, many of the people I have started out have surpassed me in skill and many more have become more outgoing individuals in their daily life. Introducing someone to sport shooting and then seeing them embrace the attitude that nothing is beyond their reach is an amazing feeling.


    IDPA - Custom Defensive Pistol - Expert
    IDPA - Enhanced Service Pistol - Expert
    IDPA - Stock Service Pistol - Master
    IDPA - Stock Service Revolver - Sharpshooter
    IDPA - Enhanced Service Revolver - Marksman
    USPSA - Handgun - Limited 10 - C
    USPSA - Handgun - Production - B


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