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Drawing off the table Back
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Drill Name Drawing off the table Posted On/By 7/3/2010 by RangeLog Admin
Author/Credit Matt Burkett Scoring Shooting Time
Focus Areas Speed, Efficiency Public or Private PUBLIC
Course of Fire/ Description

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This is another place where I do it a little different from almost everyone else. This is the safest and fastest way I have found so far. Although, you do need to have average or larger size hands.

Picture #1Put the gun flat on the table angled toward the first target. The strong hand comes down on the gun. Index finger goes in front of the trigger guard, and the thumb goes behind the beavertail. (See photo 1) If possible they go all the way to the table or surface the gun is resting on. Now pinch the fingers to pop the gun into the hand. The weak hand gets on the gun as youÕre driving it toward the target. Some of the advantages: the mag button doesn’t get pushed in (so your mag stays in your gun, not on the ground); doesn’t move the gun around on slick surfaces (less chance of it scooting off a table).
Are Some Other Ways To Pick Guns Up.
Add an extension, either an extended scope cap or a cocking handle, and grab the grip of the gun.
Picture #2Lift the scope or the top of the gun up with the weak hand. (See photo 2) Then, grab the gun with the strong hand.
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